The report below is interactive! Click on a letter below and see the results from the first six months of 2019. There are areas we are already compliant in, and areas we are still working to achieve and might not achieve this year, as it is part of our five-year Strategic Plan.
We encourage you to provide feedback regarding progress being made or not being made.


Park space and recreational facilities meet the recreational needs of this and succeeding generations


ANeighborhood Parks: Resources are allocated to support neighborhood parks, and to provide safe and secure playgrounds, programs, and amenities.
BInfrastructure: Quality asset management is achieved for District infrastructure in parks, facilities, technology, and equipment.
CInvestment in Priority Areas: Resources are allocated to provide funding for investment in specific areas of the district:
DSale or Lease of District Assets: Obsolete, inefficient, duplicative, underutilized, or non-trending District parks, facilities, and amenities are re-purposed and/or sold.

Residents value and are involved in diverse, well-supported, and fun activities that promote a healthy lifestyle, and contribute to a vibrant and relevant park system


ACommunity Partnerships: District assets and resources are leveraged through strategic partnerships and collaborations that enhance and strengthen achievement of the Board's Priorities.
BOur Next Generation: Services and programs supporting youth, teens, and families are a priority of the District.
CCulturally Inclusive Programs: District services and programs are accessible to all, and meet recreational needs of our diverse community.
DResidents Value a Vibrant Park System: The community is engaged and participates in their Park District as advocates, volunteers, on advisory committees, and through donations and sponsorships.

Residents have exceptional parks and recreational facilities, services, and programs that reflect a high return on citizens’ tax investment


APriority is Given to Areas of Greatest Public Benefit: Resources are prioritized in areas that provide a broad array of recreational activities giving the greatest benefit to the community as a whole, through facilities, programs, and activities that enhance quality of life, and promote unity, health, and well-being.
BReasonable Tax Subsidies are Achieved: A reasonable level of tax subsidy is achieved for all areas of operation in programs and at District Facilities.
CNon-Property Tax Revenue: Non-traditional and non-property tax revenue sources provide support for District facilities, programs, and operations.